Après-ski NYC

Après-ski NYC is a movement to encourage people to dress warmly and come out to support NYC restaurants who need to survive the winter months serving dinner outdoors.

You can play along by simply dining out, or help spread the word by showing off your warm-weather gear, favorite coat andboots, or any gadget that helps you get through winter. You can also share your favorite warm beverage, or favorite cold-weather hangout.

And share it on social media using the hashtag #APRESskiNYC.

Upcoming #APRESskiNYC Fashion Shows at Waverly Inn are coming in January. Contact me directly for booking.

#APRESskiNYC Number Three on December 22, was a blast. Link HERE.

#APRESskiNYC Number Three was on December 22, 2020.

#APRESskiNYC Fashion Show with Liberty Fairs on 12/15/20

10 Ways to Keep Warm while Dining Outside This Winter

Pack your bag (and support restaurants) even when it’s chilly

Fascinating Twitter thread from a dog-sledder about layers and keeping warm.

Ariel and the whole crew at NicheNiche are killing the winter dining scene with their outdoor chalet and changing Alpine menus!

Washington Post: Think it will soon be too cold to eat outside? Heed this advice from Alaska, Scandinavia

Longchamp and Pommery at The Waverly Inn, November 17, 7pm

I can finally announce my first #APRESskiNYC event. Instead of getting blue and gloomy about the cold grey days ahead, we at Waverly Inn are embracing the season with warm drinks, cold Champagne, and serious winter fashion. Inspired by parties in the Alps after a day of skiing (après-ski) we are celebrating winter and outdoor dining in NYC with Pommery Champagne and Longchamp fashion. We are hosting a little socially-distanced fashion show on the sidewalks around the restaurant this Tuesday, November 17, from 7-8pm. 

If you’d like to be listed here send me a note, and let’s all do our best to support NYC restaurants while we try our best to continue you serve you!