Virtual Wine Tasting

My idea for a virtual wine tasting is to make it the easiest and most fun. I’m open to other ideas, but I would suggest we think about this as Meeting Friends for Drinks at a Wine Bar. This is how it’s done:

Step 1: If you’re reading this, you’re the HOST. Find a time and place; time of your choosing, and you decide whether it’s on Zoom, House Party, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams. The host will set up the meeting and email the friends to decide on a time and date.

Step 2: Everybody will order what they want, i.e. buy whatever bottle you choose, ideally from a local wine shop.

Step 3: At the appointed hour, the HOST launches the virtual gathering. I would suggest you give yourselves 15-30 minutes to catch up and for the fashionably late to arrive.

Step 4: The Sommelier arrives at the table, i.e. the virtual meeting place, and we go around the room discussing each of the wines. Ideally you would email the sommelier a list of the wines a day or so in advance so the wine pro can prep, but most will be able to improvise and be able to discuss most regions and grapes in a casual way.

Step 5: After an hour or so, depending on your arrangement, your sommelier would leave the virtual room, and you and your pals can hang out over drinks for however long you like. Be aware, many of these free meeting spaces have one-hour time limits, so you might set up 3 sessions (one for the pre-game, one for the actual time with the somm, and one for after the “wine class”

Fee: let’s talk, but I’m reasonable.

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